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Article: Report on the situation in #Bahrain

Report on the situation in Bahrain issued by / of the Political Bureau of the Assembly of the Islamic Action – hope

First: the economic situation
The economic situation in Bahrain is at its worst and no matter how I tried to cover up the power so they can not because the hernia was difficult to Alratq, here are some things:

1 – Bahraini dinar’s value has fallen to its lowest level on record, an indicator of a very negative for the banks and investors will lead to loss of confidence in the economic situation in Bahrain.

2 – there are still a large proportion of strikers and roads are safe and if the situation continues as it is may be declared bankrupt some banks, said economic expert Henry The strike in the private sector up to 90%.

3 – State gave assurances to banks to provide liquidity to meet the acute shortage of deposits, but some banks may offer to settle its transactions and transfer to the outside, and a decline in liquidity is very sharp in the banks in Bahrain.

4 – There are real fears of the extent of the damage and the effects of what is going through a crisis of Bahrain on the size of banks will not be clear only when equipped with economic statistics at the end of the month of March to May 2011.

5 – low visitors and tourists to Bahrain led to free hotels and impact on the dealings of the banks and on the movement of money and tourism affected as large and have canceled conferences and exhibitions until the month of June 2011.

6 – There is a clear negative impact on most small and medium enterprises and retail banks in Bahrain to small and medium-term, and there are very significant slowdown in the movement of the banking activities of banks during the crisis in Bahrain.

Second: The political situation:

1 – and reached the naivety of power and Hmagtha they started to antagonize the closest friends, led by the State of Kuwait where the prevention of humanitarian convoys of medical entering Bahrain Mnsaadp There are reports of rejection of the mediation of Kuwait between the Authority and the opposition, and believed that the reason for this folly is the refusal of Kuwait participate in sending troops in the forces gas to Bahrain because the State of Kuwait believes that better than sending troops to quell the demonstrators to work in order to facilitate the resolution of outstanding problems between the government and its people so that the Gulf of help to each other in solving internal problems, and limited military intervention only to external aggression on the Gulf countries as stipulated by the Peninsula Shield .

It is worth mentioning that there are actions that do not mind the bulb of the Authority against Kuwait and its people and urged the deputies prevented from entering the Kuwaiti personalities of Bahrain, and the provocative step aired programs attacking the Prime Minister of Kuwait.

2 – British ambassador in one of the Gulf states, says: “The government of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, took place in big trouble because of military intervention and the situation will turn on them soon.

Third: the human rights situation:
1 – has been opened a website on the site of the “Wikileaks” specialist, where he documented the power of all crimes against humanity in Bahrain on the following link: http://welcentral.org/node/1428

2 – a campaign of mass arrests of striking major areas of Bahrain affect the opposition leaders, activists and even ordinary people, do not know whether the government had decided to arrest of more than half the population of Bahrain?! , And yesterday included the following areas: (Manama, the country of the old, easy, Maalikis, Demistan, Karzakan, Barbar, Karranah, Jnosan, jacket, Ma’ameer, Bani Jamra, Duraz, Sar, and others).

3 – Amnesty International renews accusing the Bahraini authorities to use violence against opposition leaders, and calls upon the king to form an independent inquiry in the use of excessive force against protesters, and the number of detainees from more than 180 people until yesterday evening.

4 – the authority is fabricating a series of plays designed to discredit peaceful protests and proof of foreign intervention in the revolution of February 14.

5 – The power to withdraw the missions of the students participating in the protests at home and abroad in a move contrary to all treaties and conventions, local and foreign.

6 – are all peaceful demonstrations taking place in Bahrain, whether peaceful marches the demand and even marches in the funeral of the martyrs who fall shot dead by riot police and the occupation forces and marches, the candles in the previous unparalleled in the world, and is used in the repression of live bullets and bombs, tear gas and bullets fission ( shotgun) internationally prohibited.

7 – will begin next week in the legal prosecution of war criminals in Bahrain, as reported by the Executive Chairman of the international coalition against war criminals, Dr. Louay writer.

Fourth: the popular situation:
A lot of people, especially the observers of them, particularly those outside of them that these strikes had eroded the resolve of the people and their morale, especially with the tightening of security and attack the media is strong from the power in Bahrain is moving in its orbit, but for all we say rest assured every piece did not dent the resolve of the people and their determination to reach to their legitimate demands, but increased their belief in the demise of the system should be linked to Al-Khalifa, who is used to foreigners and foreign troops on its people, and the examples are many, including:

1 – There is a series of steps issued by the names of the various categories of young people February 14 to continue to let all acts of protests and events were started from last Friday night and continues until next Saturday, all centered on the restoration of the initiative and continue to move even topple the regime.

2 – There is a clear message to all the students of dialogue or his supporters that this system does not want dialogue at all, but he is trying to gain time in order to eliminate movement and a clear warning to the advocates of dialogue to return to the people and the bombers of the revolution before agreeing to anything and that the roof of the dialogue is the demise of Al-Khalifa and not anything else.

3 – There is talk of a frank and clear guidance from the youth revolution of February 14 the need to continue civil disobedience and the need for commitment to open-ended action and in all sectors, especially with the security aspects of ubiquitous and subunits of the inspection and the attack on innocent people going in and coming back.

Each piece does not imply a diminished situation never popular, but evidence of the firm determination to regain the initiative and return to sit.

Release /
Islamic Action Society (Amal)



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