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Article: Syrian Revolution News Round-up ملخص أحداث جمعة الشهداء #Syria #Saudi

Growing Pains: More violent crackdown as revolution expands

A storm of protests hit major Syrian cities, people demanding freedom and end to Assad regime.

As expected, protests against Assad rule in Syria grew bigger, although, one can hardly tell from the reporting on it whether by international or regional media. This is still a somehow under-reported revolution, or an obliquely revolution. Due to government controls, foreign correspondents in Syria are often out of the loop, while Arab and regional satellite stations seem plagued by all sorts of political and individual calculations. 

But the YouTube videos below tell the whole story for those willing to see. This is an anti-Assad uprising, it’s growing by the day, with more cities and segments of the population joining and Assad’s thugs hitting back hard in hope to forestalling the inevitable. There is definitely a need for a tougher stand by the international community.

In Deraa; new massacres in Sanamein. Snipers caught on tape in Deraa City itself. In Homs; became a hotbed in the afternoon with Bedouin population joining the protesters and taking brut of casualties with 2 reported dead, a development likely to energize the larger Bedouin population in suburbs. In Baniyas; thousands of protesters take over the streets, establish a “permanent” sit-in, chant “Down With Bashar.” In Qamishly; thousands of protesters take over streets for few hours, but no clashes with authorities reported. But border with Turkey were closed. In Douma; thousands take to the streets, take down Assad banner, shout “People Want to Topple regime,” at which time they get shot at by thugs that eyewitnesses say received their Kalashnikovs and other weapons from local security people.

Lattakia, Der Ezzor, Dariyyah Suburb in Damascus, Amoudah (on border with Turkey), Idlib, Hama… all witnesses massive demonstrations today. Kurds and Bedouin tribes of central Syria (Homs) seem to have thrown their lot with the protesters.


More than a 100 clips of videos were received today, below is only a small sampling.

From Social Media Networks



Video shows Syrian military blockade around Daraa and Sanamain towns, video2, video3

Video shows military blockade around Sanamain preventing protesters to join forces, video2

Video showing massacres in Daraa and heaving shooting of live ammunition

Video showing snipers on the roof top of Daraa Mayor’s house

Video  shows those killed in Daraa and brutality towards protesters

Video of mass protests in Inkhel and chants of “the people and the army are one hand”

Video of protests in Daraa with shirtless children leading in response to the regime’s massacres

Video of mass protests in Daraa and surrounding villages determined to break through military blockades: video2, video3, video4, video5, video6

Video of those killed and wounded in the city of Jasem in Daraa province: video2, video3, video4

Video of massacres at the military blockade between Inkhel and Sanamain

Video for massacre and heavy shooting faced by protesters in Inkhel and Sanamain: video2

Video of a wounded child at the Sanamain massacre today


Damascus and Suburbs

Video of taking down of Bashar’s portrait in a protest on “Martyrs’ Friday”

Video1 of mass protests at Al-Refai Mosque in Kafarsouse with freedom chants: , video2, video3, video4, video5

Video of a protest in Douma (Damascus suburb) with chants of: Allah, Syria, Freedom only

Video of a protest in Douma shows heaving shooting at protesters, video2

Video of those killed and wounded after protesters were attacked in Douma

Video of protesters attacked by security forces in Barzeh (Damascus suburbs)

Video of a protest in Douma shows repression of protesters, video2, video3, video4, video5

Video of a dead protester in Douma shows brutal repression, video2

Video shows regime supporters attacking protesters in Daraya (Damascus suburbs)

Video of tear gas fired at protesters in Douma



Video of a sit-in demo in Lattakia with chants of “pathetic and sick is the People’s Parliament”

Video of mass protests in Lattakia with chants “the people, the army are one hand”: video2, video3, video4, video5



Video of a massive protest in Homs with “freedom only” chants

Video1 of mass protests in Homs confirming fear is not in the hearts of protesters anymore, video2

Video shows cases of suffocation in Homs as a result of tear gas being fired

Video of violent dispersion of protesters in Homs

Video of a protest in Albayada neighborhood in Homs with chants of solidarity with Daraa



Video of a massive protest in Kafarnabl in Idlib province: video2, video3



Video of a protest in Hama and the shouts for freedom



Video of a protest in Baniya and thousands of residents participating, video2



Video of a protest in Amouda in solidarity to the people of Daraa and other provinces



Video of continued protests until the evening of Friday in the city of Jableh


Der Azzor

Video of mass protests in Deir Azzor emphasizing the demand for freedom



Video of mass protest in Qamishli emphasizing the unity of the Syrian people: video2, video3, video4, video5, video6



Video of protests in Greece in solidarity with the Syrian people in the revolt against oppression, corruption on the “Martyrs’ Friday”: video2, video3, video4, video5, video6, video7



Video of protests by Syrians in Cyprus with chants “traitor if the one who kills his people”


Some TV and Press Coverage

Video of the latest stunt in support of Bashar (prostrating to his picture)

Al-Quds Al-Arabi article analyzing misleading statements in Assad’s speech

Video of Mr. Haitham Almaleh addressing the Syrian Revolution youth

Alarabiya Beirut Studio program regarding the situation in Syria: video1, video2

Human Rights Watch Report on Assad speech

Alarabia news report on sit-in protest in Lattakia

Analysis of Dr. Abdelrazaq Eid on Assad speech

France 24 report on updates in Syria



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